Ambient Variable Speed Heat Pumps



Ambient Variable Speed Air to Water Heat Pumps


NewGen Solar & Heat Pumps can help you choose an ideal replacement for your existing hydronic wood fired and gas fired boilers or swimming pool heating. Ambient Variable Speed Air Source Heat Pump is designed and manufactured in Australia. The  heat pump software has been custom designed to manage compressor envelope and full system modulating range to the highest efficiency possible. You can use them for different applications.


  • Hydronic in slab heating and cooling
  • Hydronic radiator and convector heating
  • Ducted heating and cooling
  • Domestic hot water heating
  • Commercial hot water heating
  • Process heating and cooling
  • Swimming pool heating
  • Hospitals, Aged Care, Hydroponics



Ambient Variable Speed Heat Pumps come in various model to suit wide range of uses. Contact us to find out which best suits your needs and requirements.


Ambient Variable Speed Heat Pumps