Solar Hot Water

NewGen is your specialist solar hot water system installation and equipment provider.

The team at NewGen has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the solar hot water system perfect for you, whether that is a small system for a one-bedroom unit or a custom-engineered, large-scale system for a public aquatic centre.

We work with residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We offer ‘Supply Only’ delivery of solar hot water systems (and related heat pump systems), or we offer ‘Supply and Install’ options. That way, we remain flexible, so you can use your own plumber or one of our fully accredited trade professionals for a system installation.

Our range of products includes major leading brands such as Sander, Apricus, Rinnai and Edwards who we are proud to partner with. All products have a strong reputation and we can talk you through the available options.

We are also experts in identifying available solar hot water rebates and incentives, which will save you time and money! This process can often be confusing and frustrating to take on yourself, so we process these rebates on your behalf to make sure you get your maximum entitlement, which in most cases we provide as a point of sale discount. 

Benefits of solar hot water systems

  • Heating water is very energy intensive. In the average Australian household it accounts for around 30% of energy consumed; it's typically the greatest contributor to a households’ carbon footprint.
  • You will save money on your power bill. A solar hot water system means you can generate around 80% of your requirements for free – just from the sun’s energy!
  • Quality solar hot water systems last much longer than conventional water heaters.
  • A solar hot water installation is an asset that increases the value of your property.



Apricus Evacuated Tubes 

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Rinnai Flat Panels

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