Evacuated Tube

Evacuated tube solar collectors offer higher efficiency in cold weather compared to flat panel technology

Even in the colder months of the year the vacuum-sealed tubes aborb heat energy from sunlight while keeping out the cold from the air.  Regarded as the most efficient method of solar water heating, evacuated tube solar collectors also work so well due to their cylindrical shape which creates passive sun tracking. The vacuum within the tube has considerable insulation properties which harness up to 97% of the sun’s heat energy. 

At NewGen we offer, and highly recommend the Australian-owned Apricus evacuated tube hot water systems as the best in solar hot water.

About Apricus 

Apricus is a leading designer and manufacturer of home solar water heating products. The Apricus Solar Company was founded in Australia in 2003 and has grown into a global company with offices in the USA, Australia and France, supplying to more than 30 countries. Apricus are leaders in efficient, innovative, versatile hot water solutions – designed in Australia to meet Australian conditions. Their products are produced with a strong emphasis on quality, innovation, simplistic design and ease of installation.


Why Choose Apricus Evacuated Tubes: 

  • Excellent performance even in frost-prone areas
  • Large range of system sizes suitable for all households
  • Industry leading warranties – 15 years on major components
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Exceptional after-sales service
  • Competitive pricing