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NewGen Solar & Heat Pumps Installs Premium Tier 1 Quality Solar PV Systems

NewGen Solar & Heat Pumps understands that customer have different needs. We recognize the importance of offering choices on the range of new technologies, budgets and services required. We align ourselves to brands that has the highest quality, support and value for money.

The modern home is getting smarter and more efficient. One major component of these homes is the Solar PV system. Smarter solar power, complete energy management, ultra efficient panels and inverter will deliver big advantage to creating an efficient home.

Electricity produced by solar photovoltaic cells is clean and silent. There are no emissions involved when electricity is generated. As they do not use fuel other than sunshine, PV systems do not release any harmful air pollutants into the environment, or endanger animal or human health.

NewGen Solar & Heat Pumps uses only Tier 1 solar panels from established manufacturers. Our designers and installers are fully accredited by Clean Energy Council.


LG Solar Panels

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 Canadian Solar

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Jinko Solar

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Fronius Inverter

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Enphase Microinverters

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If you are looking for some advice and would like to explore your options to future proof your home, give us a call.

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