What is Reposit

Reposit is an electricity management software that works  with your battery and inverter, and learns your energy habits to lower your power bills. Reposit’s advanced software learns when you use energy and how much, so it knows what you’ll need and when you’ll need it. It predicts the weather, and controls when your home’s powered by solar, the battery, or the electricity grid. Reposit only connects you to the grid when you have to be, and when energy prices are at their lowest.



Reposit will store the excess solar you produce during the day, so you can use cheap and clean solar energy at night. Reposit gets the most out of any solar battery, you don’t need a large battery to benefit. When electricity demands are high, Reposit will automatically trade your excess energy for GridCredits. Every GridCredit earnt, is another dollar off your bill.


Reposit DINbox                                                                                                            Be less dependent on the grid with Reposit.


 What are the Benefits of Installing Reposit


Credit when credit’s due. When the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, energy companies can struggle to meet demand. When this happens, they look to homes with excess energy for help - and they’re willing to pay for it! Earn GridCredits exclusively with Reposit.


It’s high time for lower bills. Reposit reduces the amount of power you need from the grid. It knows how much solar power your system will produce and constantly makes decisions to lower your energy costs. It only connects you to the grid when you need it and when power prices are at their lowest.


Checking in when you’re out. With Reposit you can keep an eye on your energy usage from any smart device. Know your energy consumption, solar generation, battery behaviour and energy costs in real-time.


A quick installation. A lifetime of savings. Getting Reposit in your home is easy. It usually sits nice and snug inside your switchboard and we can have it up and running in your household before you can say ‘I want lower electricity bills’.


Making a world of difference. Reposit integrates with solar battery systems to harness the power of the sun and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Households can now supply electricity to stabilise the grid making our reliance on traditional power stations a thing of the past – now that’s a vision we plan to be a part of!



How Reposit Fits in the Grid


Reposit_Infographic How_Reposit_Fits_In_The_Grid


Comparing Solar Systems

Reposit_Infographic Comparing_Solar_Systems


How Much Does the Reposit Cost

Reposit only costs $600-1000 depending your system


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