Daikin Altherma Mono-bloc

Daikin Altherma Mono-bloc

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Daikin altherma is a highly flexible, energy efficient home heating system that extracts heat from the outside air, raises the temperature of this heat, then distributes warmth around your home through underfloor heating. Located in your floor, the heating system ensures you’ll feel the warmth under your feet as it heats your home from the floor up.
Brand: Daikin


The Altherma mono-bloc unit is an all in one system removing the need for an indoor hydrobox. Heat is directly transferred from the outside air to the underfloor heating circuit, radiators or fan coil units.


Feature and Benefits

Simple installation – water connections only

Low running costs

Low maintenance

Low noise – unobtrusive and quiet

No groundwork i.e. trenches

No gas supply, flues or ventilation required

Suitable for both apartments & houses 

No refrigerant handling required

Antifreeze function eliminates need for glycol


Flexible, can be connected to underfloor heating, low temperature radiators or fan coils





How It Work

How It Works

Daikin Altherma Monobloc extracts heat from the outside air and raises its temperature to a level high enough to supply heating.

Daikin Altherma uses inverter technology which means energy savings in comparison to other heat pump systems. Inverter technology gently increases or decreases power to suit prevailing conditions, meaning it reaches the desired temperature quicker and maintains it without wild fluctuations.

This means uninterrupted comfort and significant savings on running costs.